The Heart

The heart is Raw,

It has no boundaries,

The heart is something we hide from,

The pureness of it confronts our deepest demons,

The heart is Pure,

When we set it free the gate opens,

We begin our journey to Unselfish Love

The heart can be Heavy,

It carries the weight of our fears,

When we realize those fears are but chains,

Chaining us to a reality in which we feel helpless,

Victim to that which we cannot control,

Illusions to keep us from enlightenment,

The heart is Freedom,

Listen to it,

Follow it,

The heart has the Answers


Late night ramble

Sometimes I think about life, and it keeps me up. Not in a good way or a bad way, in a reflective way. It’s good to reflect on the past so one can learn from it. It’s not good to dwell in the past. Time goes by so quickly and sometimes we cannot fully absorb the moment till the moment has passed. Scientifically, our minds are unable to process all the stimuli of day to day life. There is a lot going on around us that we’re not aware of. A goal of mine of sorts is to always be striving for a greater awareness of life, to always continue expanding my consciousness, and to never become stagnant. I have been there and done that. I don’t have “normal” goals like most people do. I am not living this life to achieve material gains, status, or any superficial goal. It’s a difficult thing to even break from the materialistic/superficial mindset in the first place, and I’m not completely there yet but I am trying harder than ever before. I am living this life for the experience, for the lessons to be learned, for the wisdom to be gained, for the elevating of my consciousness, for the wealth of my soul. Society has turned life into this strange sort of game that we all somehow agree is natural to play. Who started playing the game first? This question can’t be answered but the point of it all is, we are free. More free than we could ever imagine. Nothing is truly holding our souls captive, but ourselves. The road to enlightenment is not easy, but it is worth it. Truly, why do people strive for anything else but enlightenment? Freedom of the soul, oneness with God, unselfish love… I cannot imagine anything more perfect than this.

I am reading a book right now called “Children of the Law of One, and The Lost Teachings of Atlantis” by Jon Peniel. Now I realize the title is a bit of a turn off to the more logical and practical folks out there, but if you have even the slightest of an open mind, I eagerly encourage you to read this book. It is not what you expect from the title. I blindly purchased the book because ever since a young age I have been fascinated with Atlantis. This book isn’t really about Atlantis though. It is about spiritual wisdom that has been passed down since the days of Atlantis. It doesn’t really matter if you believe that Atlantis existed or not. The author is not trying to convert you or make you believe in anything in particular. He lays out the information (wisdom) in a simple format that is easy to understand. He is very direct and blunt with his writing and he even states that it does not matter if you believe the history or the science behind it. The message of the book, the core of the teachings, is relatable to anyone from any background or religion. It is simple teachings, yet complex. He states that these teachings are the root of all religions we know of today, but through time the teachings were manipulated for the purposes of greed and power. Any truly contemplative human beings can see how religions have been used through the ages in order to control the masses. This is an unfortunate reality. You don’t have to believe that these teaching are the root of all spiritual wisdom. It truly doesn’t matter. All that matters is if you understand Universal Consciousness (God), and Unselfish Love. These are the most important ideas we have to hold on to. In a world that is literally crumbling before our eyes, with tragedy lurking around every corner, and people becoming more and more disconnected from spiritual truth and ultimately themselves, we need an awakening of sorts for those who are truly capable of unselfish love, which I know there are many. This book has answers for all those who are searching, you know who you are.

Atlantis was real. I’ve dreamt about it. “Edgar Cayce has been considered one of the most prolific prophets in modern history and often compared to Nostradamus. He was far more prolific than Nostradamus with his 14,000 plus readings and certainly more direct and accurate. Cayce was a very religious man and throughout his life never accepted any money for his sought after readings, and although his readings were mostly done for people that were in great difficulty or suffering from grave afflictions, he also at times prophesized about world events. edgar cayce Bimini Road: Cayce’s predicted discovery of Atlantis? He revealed information about the history of humanity ranging from the beginning (Creation), to a time in the future when human will evolve into beings with supernatural powers. But one thing he was always very emphatic about: he believed that those horrible future events he prophesized about could possibly be averted if humanity changed its behavior. In fact that is the purpose for giving prophesies – to warn people to change, so that prophesies won’t happen. Cayce would repeatedly say that even the Lord of the Lords could not accurately predict future events because human free will can alter and change the future. He used as reference the biblical account when Jesus is asked when he would return, and He replies: “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Matt. 24:36). So the prophesy’s only purpose is to warn individuals. One of the most fascinating set of readings he ever did was about Atlantis, its discovery, history and destruction. He prophesized that a new land would appear in 1968/9 off the east coast of North America, the so-called “rising of Atlantis”. It was in fact during that time that the “Bimini Road” was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. After all these years the issue is still being debated by archeologists and scientists, but the verdict is not out yet so it may very well be. Edgar Cayce maintained that Atlantis was the “first” civilization which was technologically superior to even our own and that its last surviving islands have disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic ocean some ten thousand years ago. Cayce revealed that the size of Atlantis was equal to that of Europe, including Asia in Europe. He saw visions of this continent of the past which had gone through three major periods of division; the first two occurred around 15,600 B.C., when the mainland was divided into islands. The three main islands of Atlantis Cayce named were Poseida, Og and Aryan. He claimed that the Atlanteans were well-versed in technology that harnessed the power of the quantum world; this included the use of crystals and sound waves for healing, elevators and connecting tunnels that operated by compressed air and steam, quartz crystal science that was used to mine gold, copper and silver from the earth. Atlanteans were adept at the use of silicon chips at levels unrivaled in the modern world. The Crystal Skull, for example, was cut with such infinite precision that “no known modern tool could have replicated the job.” They were familiar with the amplification power of crystals in laser technology and memory chips. They made extensive use of mass mental telepathy, psycho-kinesis and astral projection into fourth dimensional consciousness. Edgar Cayce said the people of Atlantis had constructed giant laser-like crystals for power plants, and that these were responsible for the second destruction of the land. Cayce blamed the final destruction of Atlantis and the disintegration of their culture on greed and lust. According to Cayce, two rival parties fought for control of the Atlanteans in its final days. The Children of the Law of One wanted to return to a spiritual stewardship of the land based on natural laws. The other group, the Sons of Belial, wanted to exploit natural resources for material gain. The chief focus of their conflict was a third class of dull, half-awake sub-humans used by the Sons of Belial for slave labor. The Children of the Law of One wanted to enlighten these sub–beings by raising their consciousness; the Sons of Belial wanted to keep them in ignorance and exploit them for their own gain. But before the legendary land disappeared under the waves, Cayce revealed that there was an exodus of many Atlanteans to ancient Egypt. He attributed the Biblical Great Flood of Noah to be a result of the sinking of the last huge remnants of Atlantis. He also revealed that the many Atlanteans that managed to escape, in hope to preserve a record of their civilization created 2 separate archives with all their history and accomplishments so that it could be preserved for posterity. One of these archives was revealed to be buried under one of the Sphinx paws. Recently there have been some new geological research done in the area since we have obtained new technology, and during one of the Discovery Channel specials they confirmed that in fact it is possible to see that there is a room under the left paw of the Sphinx but the Egyptian directorate of Antiquities does not allow excavation in that area for any reason. During Cayce’s otherworldly journeys, he would often reveal the past lives of those who would come to him for information concerning their health. A number of people who came to Cayce were told by him that they had past lives in the legendary lost land of Atlantis. In fact, Cayce revealed that a vast number of souls who lived past lives in Atlantis have been incarnating to America for a long time now to usher in a new era of enlightened human consciousness. In all, Cayce referred to Atlantis no fewer than seven hundred times over a span of twenty years.”

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis

Mindfulness 1: the quality or state of being mindful 2: the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis; also: such a state of awareness I selected this topic because meditation, Buddhism, and yoga are all strong interests/hobbies of mine. In no way have I perfected the art of meditation but I try to stay mindful and give myself “quiet moments” throughout the day. As the article suggests, I think mindfulness and meditation are keys to psychological well-being. The researchers isolated “four key components of mindfulness that may account for its effects”. These components are attention regulation, body awareness, emotion regulation, and sense of self. They are researching the relationships between these components so that they have better tools to treat patients. They think through having a more scientific understanding on how meditation works more people can use this beautiful tool to improve their lives. It doesn’t give specifics on how they are conducting their research, but I can only assume it is mostly based off of observations through case studies, and possibly even scanning the brain while people enter states of meditation. Again, that is just my assumption. It does state that they are basing their research off of “existing scientific literature”, so basically they are making correlations between what’s already known about meditation. I think one of the most interesting things they have brought to light is that mindfulness “has distinct measurable effects on our subjective experiences, our behavior, and our brain function.” To me, they are saying that you can actually explain the effects of meditation/mindfulness on paper. How astounding is that? Mankind can now prove that which was once only understood in a spiritual sense. That leads me to ask myself many more questions. I think meditation is a spiritual experience, and throughout history it has been understood as such. Can spiritual experiences heal us psychologically? I think the answer is obvious. What surprises me the most is probably the fact that this study is being conducted in the western world? Western cultures are arguably the least mindful, and least open to meditation. There are great minds all over the world, but the fact that they have found the funding for this study is impressive. I think there is great need for meditation and mindfulness in our culture. Maybe that is why it is becoming a “fad” per se.


“I know it’s been thousands of years, and I feel your hurt and I know it’s wrong, and you feel you’ve been chained and broken and burned, and those beautiful old people, those wise old souls have been ground down for far too long by that spineless man, that greedy man, that heartless man, deceiving man, government hand, taking blood and land, and still they can, but your dreaming, and your warrior spirit lives on, and it is so so so strong, IN THE EARTH, IN THE TREES, IN THE ROCKS, IN THE WATER, IN YOUR BLOOD, IN THE AIR WE BREATH.” Soldier on my good men, keep fighting for your children, keep fighting for the land. -Spirit Bird, Xavier Rudd